Bride Testimonials

Testimonials from Brides


 I was in a better place…

I started training with Brooke about 9 months before my wedding and while my goal was to get in the best shape possible, what I started to realize was that my training sessions were not only beneficial physically but that mentally I was in a better place as well. I have never met a trainer who is more upbeat, positive and who has the most diverse and intense workouts imaginable. On my wedding day when things were so chaotic, I made time to squeeze in one more workout. I never thought I could have achieved the results that I got while training with Brooke and have so much fun while doing it!

– Michelle B


Brooke understands the female body…

6 months before my wedding I ruptured a disk in my back. After being told I couldn’t workout for a few months, I was devastated. When I got the ok to workout again, Brooke was my first call. Brooke understands the female body and knows what exercises to do to make us lean and strong but never bulky. Not only were her workouts different and fun every week, she was also a strong supporter behind the scenes constantly on email and text. Brooke is extremely enjoyable to be around. Her laugh is contagious and she makes getting your butt kicked fun.

-Stephanie M


 A year after my wedding I am still training with Brooke…

I started working out with Brooke 6 months before my wedding.  She helped tone my body and make me feel great on my wedding night.  Brooke turned me from someone who hated going to the gym, into someone who actually enjoys it.  A year after my wedding I am still training with Brooke and couldn’t be happier.  Brooke is passionate about fitness and it shows through the high energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.  Brooke is extremely personable and never fails to make me laugh.  I can start a session feeling tired and cranky but always leave with a smile and in a much better mood.   Brooke makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun!

– Allie W


 Brooke absolutely blew away my expectations.

When I got engaged, I knew that I wanted a personal trainer. While I am capable of doing cardio on my own, I didn’t know where to start when it came to toning and weights. Brooke absolutely blew away my expectations. She listened to what I said and has taught me how to get the results that I want. Her workouts are so fun and always changing, targeting different parts of the body using your own weight or light weights with high repetitions. Not only did Brooke help me achieve my goals and look great in my wedding dress, but she has changed the way that I work out. It is now something fun and not a repetitive chore. I truly look forward to my workouts with Brooke every week more than anything else!

– Cate D


 the best shape I have ever been in…

My wedding took place in Mexico. A dream come true, except that it meant being in bikini in front of everyone I know and love. Thank goodness I found Brooke-she got me into the best shape I have ever been in and I felt toned, fit and beautiful on the beaches of Mexico. Most importantly, working out with Brooke has been so much fun and seeing the results has been so rewarding, that my whole attitude towards exercise has changed. Brooke has made exercise an important and enjoyable part of my life and I (and my husband) could not be happier with that!

-Laura W


my body has been completely transformed…

Brooke is a motivating and challenging trainer, she puts every effort into working with her clients and she really listens to their needs and goals. Every workout with Brooke is different and each workout addresses the entire body, she leaves nothing left out! Working out with Brooke, not only am I in the best shape of my life but I also have a healthy relationship with fitness. She has made working out something I look forward to, something that I actually enjoy. In less than 8 months of training with Brooke my body has been completely transformed, and I felt toned and radiant on my wedding day. Although my wedding is over I still train with Brooke every week and look forward to every session.

-Victoria J.