Testimonials from Clients

“Brooke and I have worked together for over three years. She is knowledgeable about anatomy and musculoskeletal function and health. She understands how to keep clients from injuring themselves while encouraging them to do more than they ever thought possible. Brooke always makes a training session fun and client focused.”

-Patricia Yarberry Allen, MD – Director, NY Menopause Center

“Brooke is a skilled trainer with an energizing personality who makes working out fun while achieving great results. Her dynamic approach keeps the workouts fresh and her ability to provide creative ideas to support my lifestyle keeps me on track even during my frequent travels!”

-Kathleen Shea – Vice President of Sales and Marketing TAJ Resorts, Hotels and Palaces

I have worked with Brooke for two plus years now and I have never been more impressed with a trainer. Her ability to adjust workouts depending on the way my body feels makes all the difference in the world. She’s a fantastic combination of knowledgable and fun at same time. The fact that she can get me in the gym at 5:30am tells you everything you need to know!

-David – Managing Director – Investment Bank

“I leave my workouts with Brooke feeling stronger and more flexible. She is so careful about technique and safety. She changed the way I workout and each week I incorporate what she teaches me into my workouts at home.”

-Erica Jones, MD – Cardiologist, NY Presbyterian Hospital

“Brooke is amazing when it comes to working around any problem you have. If you back is sore it will feel better after your session. Brooke understands how the body works and is extremely creative about how to address any weakness that you may have. I look forward to seeing her even at 6:30 in the morning.”

-Amy – Senior Vice President, Media Company

“Brooke has been invaluable in helping me recover from a herniated disk without surgery, strengthening core muscle groups and improving my flexibility.”

-Charles Entelis, MD

“Brooke Marrone is the secret of eternal youth.” I think my body is in better shape now, at circa 70, than it was when I was 45. When we started working together some years ago, she looked at my body and saw what needed to be done to it, and like a sculptor working over time, she made me look so much better I could hardly believe it. This takes enormous intelligence and knowledge of the body, which she has, but she also has the charm and wit to make the exercise involved in getting into shape not just bearable but enjoyable.”

-Phyllis Rose, Author of Parallel Lives and The Shelf

“Brooke is great for me, but she can’t do anything with that elephant I draw.”

-Laurent de Brunhoff, author and illustrator of the Babar books