Winter Workout Tips
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Winter Workout Tips

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Invest in some winter workout gear: Think layers and buy clothing with gortex/nylon/or any synthetic material like polypropylene that help wick sweat away from the body.

Snack on healthy carbs: Tis? the season for Sunday Funday?s and holiday party galore! Not to mention the cold weather is a major trigger for your body to crave comfort foods. Try and incorporate low fat, healthy carbs into your diet and keep snacks on hand so you don?t binge on unhealthy filler foods.

Workout outside whenever you get the chance: Diminished sunlight during winter months makes serotonin in our brains less active which leaves us feeling tired and hungry. So mix it up, even if its just on the weekends and bring your workouts outside.

Stretch: Your body is less flexible and more prone to injuries in winter months. Add a 5 minute stretch routine to the beginning and end of your workouts.

Bring your gym bag to work: During the dark days of winter the battle between the couch and your workouts is often lost to the couch and it gets increasingly harder to motivate. Eliminate one less obstacle between you and your workouts and go directly to the gym from the office.

Get your body in shape for winter sports: Make sure to incorporate balance, strength and agility work into your routine. Side lunges, jump rope, triceps dips, box jumps, side lying leg lifts, planks (reg. and side plank) single leg squats are all great exercises that will help keep you strong and injury free on the slopes and the ice this winter.

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