New Mom Testimonials

Testimonials from New Moms

“Brooke was instrumental in creating not only a plan for her and I during my pregnancy but also guided me through what other workouts and classes were safe throughout each of my trimesters. She helped me tailor my workouts to accomodate my growing belly and also my energy level. I can honestly say that aside from my wedding, I was in the best shape of my life during my pregnancy.”

-Michelle Griffith Brodsky

“I began working out with Brooke following the birth of my 3rd child after having been told I would most likely require surgery to address a prolapse issue resulting from childbirth. Although my initial objective was modest – just to reclaim my pre-pregnancy figure, training with Brooke transformed my body from the inside out, above and beyond my expectations. Brooke is extremely knowledgeable about muscular functions and ensures that the right exercises are performed at the right intensity to achieve desired results. Today I am stronger, fitter, leaner, my posture is dramatically improved – and I am looking better than I did 20 years ago. I also no longer need surgery because of how strong my core has become in just a few months. Brooke is a pleasure to know and our workouts although tough, are always enjoyable.”

-Audrey G.

“Brooke worked with me throughout my pregnancy and helped keep me looking strong, healthy and lean even as my belly got huge. She knew all the right precautions to take so I felt comfortable every step of the way. Post-pregnancy Brooke tailored my routine to start re-buliding my strength especially around my core after a C-section. Each week she pushed me a little further and made every minute away from my daughter worthwhile. I was back to my “wedding weight” after only a few months and fit into all my clothes. It was an incredible feeling and I cant thank Brooke enough.”

-Bari Glazer Steiner

“I trained with Brooke before and after the birth of both my sons and am so happy with the progress we have made each time. Brooke is extremally knowledgeable about the pregnant body and I always felt that I was getting into shape safely. Brooke gradually increased the intensity of our workouts each week and even after my second son I was back to my pre-baby weight after about 5 months.”

-Rose Ostrow

“I was nervous about working out while I was pregnant but Brooke’s personalized approach, knowledge and enthusiasm throughout the entire 9 months made working out an enjoyable and essential part of my daily routine. I felt energized and in shape even up until the day I gave birth. Her follow up and attention to each and every one of her clients is admirable and I have never found anyone as professional, skilled, energetic and motivating as Brooke Marrone.”

– Tina Teagle