More Fabulous Fitness Tips from Kate Hickl
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More Fabulous Fitness Tips from Kate Hickl

2 years ago

It certainly doesn’t feel like it here on the east coast but summer is right around the corner! I am excited to have this week’s guest Master Flywheel instructor Kate Hickl sharing her tips on getting fit and bikini ready. Kate is one of the most popular indoor cycling instructors in NYC and for good reason! If you’re lucky enough to score one of the coveted spots in her classes, you will see why people travel all around the city to experience one of her killer workouts.

A little more about Kate:

Kate Hickl is recognized as one of the top indoor cycling instructors in the industry today. In the fitness industry for over 8 years, Kate has been instrumental in the growth of boutique indoor cycling in NYC and across the US as a whole. She began her career at Soul-Cycle in the Spring of 2008. In 2010, alongside friend and mentor Ruth Zukerman, Kate helped open the doors of Flywheel Sports — the leading indoor cycling innovator based out of NYC. As a Master Instructor and Director of Recruiting, Training & Talent Development, Kate has been instrumental in the opening of over 26 studios nationwide and a driving force behind the fast-paced expansion that Flywheel has experienced in the past four years. Kate is a triathlete, a runner, a leader, a community builder, a trainer and a coach. As a result, her high-energy, extremely demanding classes are among the most sought after fitness classes in NYC. She packs the 46-bike stadium with her devoted clients 12x/week!

Kate’s “go-to” fitness tip:

These days my go-to prop is the sliding disc push away, targeting the entire upper body, as well as the core. If you don’t have the actual prop, you can always use a pair of socks as long as you’re on a hardwood or tile surface.

Come into a traditional plank position. There are a variety of sequences that you can do, but my preference is the following:

– Begin with a push-up

– Slide right arm straight out in front of you and back, keeping elbow straight, but not locked. Alternate left. Come back to neutral, add push-up

– Draw a circle with your right hand, alternate left. Come back to neutral, add push-up

– Do 10 Reps x 3

Health and Beauty Tip:

Drink more water than you think and limit the booze!! Eat clean and local!

Follow Kate on social media and for a complete list of her classes go to

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