Flybarre Master Instructor, Kara Liotta

Flybarre Master Instructor, Kara Liotta

2 years ago

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out a Flybarre class, make sure it’s on your list of things to do in 2015! A stellar workout, Flybarre keeps things fresh by always changing up the routines and having killer playlists! Their teachers are also excellent thanks in part to Kara Liotta, who is responsible for recruiting and training all Flybarre instructors across the country. We were excited to hear what this fitness model (yes she models on the side too) does to stay in such incredible shape.

About Kara:
Born and raised outside of NYC, Kara spent her early years competing in dance competitions up and down the East Coast. Her passion for dance led her to pursue a BFA in Dance at the University of Texas. Upon graduation, she danced professionally across Latin America, Canada and throughout the United States before settling down in Manhattan in 2008. In 2010 Kara took her first Flybarre class and not only found a new favorite workout, she was asked to teach on the spot. In less than a year, Kara transitioned from full-time FlyBarre Instructor to Master Instructor to Director of Training. With her background in professional dance and yoga, Kara’s music-driven classes are an inspiring blend of precision and athleticism.

Kara’s go-to move:
To get bikini ready, Kara likes to focus on her core!  Here’s her favorite barre-inspired abdominal series:

  1. Sit on the floor and place a ball at your lower back, with just a little space between the ball and your sacrum.
  2. Hinge back so that your upper body is at a tilt, almost parallel to the floor.
  3. Bring the hands behind the head with the elbows wide so that your neck is supported.
  4. Begin with large movements using the core to lift and lower in an abdominal crunch.
  5. Switch to small pulsing movements, pressing the back up and away from the ball (but not actually lifting off of the ball).
  6. Add a twist side to side to incorporate the oblique muscles.
  7. Stay in the exercise for 3.5 – 4min.




Kara’s tip for staying healthy:
Start your day with a workout!  It will set a positive and healthy tone for the rest of your day and leave you feeling energized. It will also lead you to making smarter choices about what you’re eating!

For more on Kara or to take one of her classes, visit or follow her on social media!

Twitter: @KaraLiotta
Instagram: @KaraLiotta