Bikini Thief Summer 2014: Representing a Healthy Version of Beautiful
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Bikini Thief Summer 2014: Representing a Healthy Version of Beautiful

2 years ago

Hey Bikini Thiefers! So excited to present our new health and fitness blog from contributing editor Brooke Marrone who has asked some of New York city’s hottest fitness trainers to share their go to fitness and beauty tips for getting Bikini ready this Spring.

We are excited introduce celebrity trainer and Body Conceptions founder Mahri Relin…xo Brooke

Mahri’s Bio:

Deemed one of the two “Best Body-Sculpting Workouts” in New York City by VOGUE, Mahri Relin and Body Conceptions have been featured in Vogue, Redbook, , Fitness Magazine, DuJour, The New York Times, Well + Good, Rate your Burn, and Dance Spirit Magazine. Mahri was a trainer for Tracy Anderson and Creative Director for FlyBarre at Flywheel Sports, and is a select trainer for Ford Models. She also is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, and AFPA pre/postnatal exercise specialist.


Mahri’s “Bikni Ready” Beauty Moves and Tips:

The Move(s):

I’m a huge fan of planks. They target so many muscles at once and are some of my favorite go-to exercises if you have limited time. There are so many great variations, and here is one of my favorites that will be sure to highlight your abdominal muscles in your beautiful bikini:


Start in a high plank position with your wrists directly below your shoulders and your body long and straight. Keep your shoulders anchored down your back, energy reaching out your heels, and your hips in line with your body.


Pull your right knee diagonally across your chest toward your left arm and then extend your right leg straight back and to the left above your left leg. This will feel a little like a twist. Repeat 10 times. After completing these reps, reach your right leg straight out behind your body at hip level and pulse the leg up and down with small movements 10 times.

Repeat everything on the other side.

Tip for Staying Beautiful:

I honestly believe that balance is everything. The minute we start to go to extremes to achieve beauty, we start losing ourselves in the process. I recommend taking some time in your day to schedule the things you can do to feel healthier for the day – including eating well, fitting in some exercise, getting a little more sleep (so important!) – and also making sure to schedule the fun parts, too. Make sure you schedule the glass of red wine you might add to your dinner meal, your yummy piece of dark chocolate for dessert, or your downtime watching a movie. We tend to get so caught up in crazy goals that we forget to enjoy life – and then we lose our motivation. Keep the fun and the healthy work balanced every day, and I bet you’ll come to enjoy making it a regular part of your daily life.

You can learn more about the amazing Mahri through her website and social media here:

Twitter: @bodyconceptions
Instagram: mahrirelin

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